Are you looking for a copywriter?

At Webgeek, we offer SEO-optimized copywriting that helps you improve your ranking in search results.

Our copywriters have expertise in writing content that is both reader friendly and search engine friendly. We make sure to use the right keywords and meta descriptions so that your website or blog gets a better position in the search results.

But how do you make copywriting SEO-optimized? It starts with a thorough keyword analysis, where we identify the keywords and phrases that your target group searches for. We use these keywords to create a content plan that includes main topics and subtopics for your website or blog.

When writing content, we make sure to use the relevant keywords and place them in strategic places in the text, such as headings, introduction and first paragraph. We also make sure to include internal links to other relevant pages on your website and external links to trusted sources.

Prices from DKK 275. excluding VAT.

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