Some of those we have collaborated with

Here you can see some of the companies we have worked with.


Catertrader has got a nice new webshop, where you can easily and simply order all the goods you need for your restaurant or café. Our experienced team has helped build a user-friendly and efficient webshop that makes it easy for you to find and order the items you want.



Temtora has invested in a tailored website with a focus on SEO (search engine optimization), which has been designed specifically for the company’s needs. The tailored approach also ensures that the website is optimized to meet the company’s specific requirements and goals.



NLPRO has had a new website created with a focus on SEO (search engine optimization), which means that the website has been designed and optimized to rank high in search engines such as Google. In addition, NLPRO has chosen to invest in ongoing support, which ensures that the website is always updated and functions optimally.



Oddskingz has a new webshop that is SEO-optimized to make it easier for customers to find their sports betting products online. This improves the customer experience and increases online visibility.



Mad&Andet has just got an updated website with a nice and modern design that fits perfectly with their food experiences. In addition, they now have the option of accepting orders directly via their website, which makes it easy for customers to order and pay for their delicious food.

Odense Garnfestival

Odense Garnfestival

Odense Garnfestival new website with an online ordering function that makes it easy for customers to buy tickets and other goods for the festival. We have also optimized their website with SEO so that it is more visible on search engines such as Google.



Ms. Maler now has a brand new website that has been designed and developed from scratch. The website is a so-called “one-page” website that gives visitors a simple and clear experience. In addition to that, a small gallery has also been added, where you can see examples of Ms. Maler’s work.


Granberg kreationer

Granberg Kreationer

Granberg Kreationer has a nice and functional new webshop that presents their products in a clear and professional way. At the same time, we have made sure to optimize the webshop with the latest SEO technology, so that it is more easily found by potential customers on Google and other search engines.



Britannia has developed a website that showcases their modern and stylish clothing collection. The website is designed to present the company’s products in an attractive and inspiring way, while being user-friendly and easy to navigate.


Beauty by Kiis CPH

Beauty By Kiis CPH has had their website optimized, including the creation of a booking function, and entered into a support agreement to ensure that their website always runs optimally.

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